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Hodl Blood Diamond is OUT NOW

What is Blood Diamond

Blood Diamond is a new breed of token. A scarce token. A token designed to be extremely rare that few are destined to hold. With only 2,000 in existence, it will derive its value of being safeguarded and each buy order will only drive the price up.


Use Case

Besides being a scarce token, blood diamond will be used on high stakes table in the Hodl Gold Defi exchange. Only the Bold would be willing to wager their Blood Diamond

Why Scarce Tokens

Scarce Tokens will be a new breed of crypto. Too often are their trillions or billions of coins in circulation, where most of them are just being stored or held there. The new theme in crypto is developers “burning” half their supply to get the hopes of investors of reducing supply

We took the middle man out and created a scarce token concept. A supply so low, that each buy will potentially increase the price. With a Fair Launch and Burn, we evened the playing field so everyone can get a chance of getting Blood Diamond.

Download Red Paper PDF: