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The Mission

The Mission for HODL GOLD is simple – to act as a deflationary token in the Defi Space. It will act as the native currency on the HODL GOLD exchange to tether assets to its value. Simple law of supply & demand is crucial to the tokenomics of HODL GOLD. As each trade is made 3% of the trade gets burnt. This will decrease the overall supply and it will increase demand. We want to act as the GoFundMe of Crypto and help newer projects establish liquidity.

Why we Exist

Defi has giving the banking power to the people. Older currencies are centrally controlled by miners. Miners have been taking all the power from the people. What the newer generation of cryptocurrencies need, is a Defi coin that is a store of value, the Defi Bitcoin… HODL GOLD. The mission is to give power back to the people by not letting centralized exchanges (who conveniently have issues during price fluctuations) and corporations buy in. This is a 100% Decentralized Store of value coin. HODL GOLD will NOT be on Centralized Exchanges. Will not be subjugated to foreign mining control and will definitely not be controlled by corporations.

How it Works

10 Millions Coins in Cuirculations with a burn rate of 3% on each trade, supply will eventually decrease leaving demand increasing with pricing to follow. Acts as a store of value to Dex’s and transactions settle in seconds and with low gas fees thanks to the Binance Network

Token Allocation:

[pending IDO/IFO applications reference white paper if IFO / IDO is approved]

10 Million in Total:

500,000 to Development Team for exchange improvements

500,000 for Development Team for Marketing [Pending Pancakeswap IFO Application]

2 Million in Liquidity for Hodl Gold Exchange

5 Million in Liquidity for other BSC Defi Exchanges

500,000 Airdrops to individuals

1.5 Million to fundraise other Crypto Projects (add liquidity to their pools) for Liquidity in Defi Exchanges

Road Map: 2021



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